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Balancing your mind, body and spirit with kinesiology therapy and detoxification coaching.

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Welcome, I’m happy to help and guide you along your journey to better health.

Joyous Health is a unique blend of kinesiology therapy and detoxification coaching to bring better alignment with the true self towards fulfilment and inner aliveness.

Are you feeling frustrated that your symptoms last forever and nothing helps?

The symptoms that are bothering you and causing perhaps huge discomfort, anxiety and pain are the ways that the body communicates with you. I can help you to find the root cause of your symptoms, therefore we will be able to deal with them quickly and efficiently depending on how long the symptoms were present in the body.

Are you constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Kinesiology is very helpful to unburden tension and stress which reveals itself as negative emotions, depression, anxiety and overwhelm. I provide a warm environment where you can share anything that bothers you and I usepowerful kinesiology techniques that allow you to rediscover a far deeper clarity and connection with yourself.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive holistic therapy that provides a safe environment to uncover what’s going on below the surface, in other words getting to the root cause of physical symptoms and releasing emotional stress.

During the kinesiology session we will gently challenge limiting beliefs and negative patterns. Every session is unique and tailored to your individual needs, empowering and supporting you on your life journey.

After a kinesiology session you will feel lighter and more balanced in both body and mind.

How can kinesiology help?

Every individual, including animals, consist of energy that flows through the entire system of their body creating a road map or pathways interconnecting the organs, cells and tissues. Kinesiology balances the energetic fields, measures the state of our health, finds any energy blocks causing pain, indigestion, chronic or acute illness which are the states of temporary imbalance.

When we uncover what is disrupting the body on an emotional, chemical, structural and energetic level we use stress release techniques, lymphatic work, nutritional testing and energy work to help the body correct the imbalances.

I can help you to find the balance, health and joy in life using kinesiology’s powerful techniques. Every session is unique, especially tailored to meet your individual needs.

Kinesiology healing

I offer Zoom sessions, phone sessions and live appointments. For best results I recommend a minimum of three kinesiology sessions. If you like a FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss your particular issue, then please get in touch.

"Ania is an excellent kinesiologist. I love how she treats the whole body holistically. It is very gentle but powerful and effective, getting into the roots of the issue without being invasive. She helps me balance my body each time. I see her also indentify food intolerances which hugely improved my health. I highly recommend Ania if you have any health issue and you can be amazed by the results."


What can you expect during a kinesiology session?

The session will involve the following:

  • 1) Physical examination (non invasive, please wear comfortable clothes)and balancing via gentle massage over the lymphatic points
  • 2) Emotional support techniques
  • 3) Nutritional advice via food sensitivity testing
  • 4) Guidance towards nutritional supplements and Bach Flower Essences
  • 5) Individual patient’s plan for you to follow
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